Fast Freight Quotes!

As a courteous suggestion we can offer you very good competitive shipping prices through a few different insured carriers that are responsible for your freight.

They’re quick in quoting, reserve special discount prices and can assist before, during and after the shipment has arrived. They can also offer free consulting on the best way to move the cargo, insurance, road permits and customs service (door-to-door).

Within minutes of receiving an address, we can have a few different freight quote options to you.

Digital Equipment Brokers, LLC. is not responsible for any freight or items that get damaged or lost, etc. once it is in the possession of the carrier. In the event that there are any issues with your equipment, freight, etc. while in the possession of the carrier, it would be your responsibility to contact the carrier to resolve.

In the event there is any customs crossing the border charges, fees, etc., those customs broker fees are the responsibility of the person or company that has purchased the equipment.