Once DEB, LLC. has received the info on what the buyer would like to purchase, whether by phone or email, we start right away to get the ball rolling. In the event that the buyer does not see the item or items on our brokering website that they are looking for they can give us a call to discuss or simply just fill out the Form below.

Using our large wide spread database DEB, LLC. will work hard and fast to locate the right machine for the buyer. Once the machine is located DEB, LLC. will provide the potential buyer with all the info, specs, photos, videos, print test sheet, warranty coverage and service plan. The buyer has the right to inspect any brokered equipment before it is purchased. If the buyer declines to go see and/ or have the brokered equipment inspected before purchasing, then that is the buyer’s right. All used brokered items are sold “As Is”. There are no implied warranties, guarantees, returns or refunds unless otherwise stated in writing. Statement of condition is provided to us by the seller. Although we strive to obtain the best information from the seller, DEB, LLC.  is not responsible for inaccuracies provided to us by the seller.

Simply put, your buying journey will come with a safe landing.

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Our selling process is easy and smooth.

Once DEB, LLC. has received the sellers info, specs & photos, etc. of the equipment they would like to sell through our brokering service, we begin the marketing right away. Our database will definitely help assist in the targeting of the sellers near future buyer. Once the buyer or potential buyer is located we notify the seller right away with any questions, inspections, etc. that the buyer may have. Once we have a finalized deal the buyer will be invoiced and sends their payment to DEB, LLC. Then DEB, LLC. gets the seller paid immediately.

DEB Selling/ Looking For Questionnaire Form

Once we receive your form we will contact you ASAP.

If you are selling more than one piece of equipment please submit a separate listing form for each.


Fill in the form below and you’ll be on your way Fast to Marketing your item World Wide. Or you can Click Here to print out the Equipment Report Info Sheet which you can fill out and email back to us.