Grafisk Maskinfabrik Laminate UV Label Line BLOWOUT!


Grafisk Maskinfabrik

20” Cold Lamination & UV Label Line

Model: UC500 20″

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Seller’s statement:

“Very good working condition.

We have decided to Blow it out cheap because we really need the space now. We are no longer asking $55,000 for it. We are only asking $21,895 for it now.

20” Narrow web.
Cold Over Laminate (can run one or two sides)
Liner Take-up.
UV coating station.
This could be upgraded to do die cutting.
Could easily add 20” Semi-Rotary Die-Cutter.”
Universal Coating and Priming Unit.
The UC500 coating line is a universal coating/priming unit. It comes as an inline or offline version. Inline versions support all major digital presses. GM delivers the UC500 in both left-right and right-left run direction. Coatings are applied with a flexo graphic station and can be both UV and water based. The machine can be equipped with partial varnish, lamination, super gloss and other coating options. For priming synthetics, a Corona system is needed. Water based coatings will need a closed chamber option in most cases. The UC500 can be delivered in a “full duplex version” that applies coatings to both sides of the web.




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