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SKU: 2023-10201


Max. material size:

1680 x 3200 mm

66″ x 126″

The first 6 videos were just taken on 01/25/2024 which shows you the table is current & in excellent working condition.

Sintra board.
Foam core.
Corrugated, etc. all being cut with ease in the videos.

Model: X24 Edge

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Seller’s statement:

“Excellent working condition.

Under a service contract since day one.

MultiCUT Head.

Why spend approx. $155,000 for a new one plus the pricey additional cost of all the additional tooling & extras here that comes with the table? Final pricing on this table was almost $200,000.

As you can see in the photos this table comes with a lot of extra optional expensive tooling which saves the buyer a fortune.

V-cut tool is included.

97AR5922 Kongsberg X24 Edge Production (1680 x 3200 mm) 1
1 97AR5923 Basic X24 Edge Production (1680 x 3200 mm)
1 97AR5558Y i-cut Production Console Sign & Production
9643642 Table mains 230V 1
97AR6001 7.5 kW Pump – Power supply 3x380V 1
97AR5889 Standard Milling MultiCUT 1 kW for X tables 1
97AR5293 X-pad 1
97AR5527 i-camera kit 1
97AR892X Basic Folding Carton Kit 1
1 97AR6029 Folding carton crease tool (15mm) incl crease wheels
1 97AR5521 Psaligraphy knife tool, incl. 2x SR6150 and 2x SR6151 blades
3 G42445494 BLD-SR6150
3 G42461251 BLD-SR6151
97AR5010Z Rigid Material Knife tool (for 8mm knife blades) 1
97AR5602 MP-HF V2 knife tool – X 1
G02728012 Starter bit kit, Multi-P. 10x assorted single-flute bits 1
97AR6052 Compact vacuum cleaner 1
97AR5603 RotaCut Tool for textile materials – X 1

Upgrade as you grow.

The Kongsberg X cutting table is easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market.

With Kongsberg X, you can invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence that you will be able to upgrade as your business grows. You can add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.”


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Also as a courteous suggestion we have access to offer to you great pricing on certified technicians for de-installs, re-installs, training, service, tech support, consumables, parts, tooling, etc.

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